Jimmy Carter: “We Can Bring Peace To The Holy Land” If We Rid It Of Jews

8 12 2008

Speaking Wednesday during his two-day seminar at the Carter Center on international human rights (and conspiring Jews), the worst president in American history, railed on the “persecution of the Palestinians.”

In related news, 3 million Muslims attended the final day of Hajj where Iran sponsored “tents” denounced the recent Islamic inspired terror in Mumbai Israel.



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9 12 2008

seems every time i think he has gone as low as possible, he finds a way to dig deeper. should have stayed building houses for the poor.

maybe he should have done something about his “lusting in his heart”. maybe would have helped him pull his head out of his arse.

10 12 2008
Jimmah Carter Stoked To Meet Hezbollah. Really Hopes They Wanna See Him Too… « OutOfTheBlue

[…] the Jew-hater who wrote an entire book alleging “apartheid in Israel,” is ready to meet with more Islamic supremacists in countries with no Jewish populations, […]

27 01 2009
Michael Pollock

Last Sunday’s 60 Minutes TV program told us all we need to know about the Jewish apartheid program in the West Bank.

It exists in all its horrible reality!

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