David Horowitz: Birth Certificate Challengers Radically Assaulting Constitution

8 12 2008

A very interesting article by a man I usually agree with, suggests that the Obama lawsuits at the SCOTUS endanger our constitution by threatening to usurp the democratic votes of 120million people.  Moreover, that the questions about Obama’s birth certificate are fact based and not constitutionally based so, lawsuits “will not challenge the Constitution; they will challenge the interpretation of the Constitution which is different.”

This actually seems like a pretty coherent opinion and the threat of a constitutional crisis is certainly at hand.  But, what Horowitz is actually saying is that there is a giant loophole in our framework that we’re now powerless to solve.  He never addresses who’s job it is to verify rudimentary qualifications about a candidate, and he smears gutsy prosecutors as Constitutional destroyers, instead of the man who by many reports, hasn’t ever shown his real birth certificate.

Look, the media are supposed to be rock-ribbed patriots who get off on investigating politicians while balancing the power of a bureaucratic government, but they clearly failed their integral mission and all the lower courts have passed as well.  It seems this issue has no where to go but, to the Supreme Court.

For this reason alone, I really hope they pursue the issue so millions of concerned Americans can get some answers we’re satisfied with.

UPDATE: New Obama appointee, Bill Richardson is on tape calling Obama an immigrant in spanish.

UPDATE: Donofrio suit thrown out, also here at Malkin. And, Littlegreenfootballs notices the Horowitz article and gloats.

UPDATE: Americanthinker.com says:

So we are left with the follow irrefutable facts:
  • 1) When Barack Obama’s eligibility was challenged in court, rather than simply produce proof in the form of documentation subject to the rules of evidence, the campaign spent significant amounts of money to fight on procedural grounds. Perfectly legal, but not responsive to the question of his eligibility under the NBC clause.
  • 2) No other mechanism than court challenges seems to exist to test eligibility under the NBC clause.

That would seem to suggest that the natural born citizen is not a constitutional test, but really more of a suggestion.

For the moment, and probably in the end, that may be the most significant consequence of the entire case.




2 responses

8 12 2008

President-Elect Obama provided all the needed documentation to prove his birth in Hawaii. Others have produced still more documentary evidence (such as the announcement of his birth in a local paper at the time). The document he presented was examined and authenticated.

But some people won’t accept that. Not if God Almighty told them they were wrong. They’d say it was the Devil mocking them. Not if time travel became a reality and they could see his birth for themselves. Just a hollywood stunt.

Oh, and we really did land on the Moon. Jesus Christ and Pope Gregory X were not the same person. Clark Gable never went to an emergency room to have ferret extracted. A sixty-year-old man without the use of one hand did not commit the Jack the Ripper murders at the request of the Masons. The world is not flat. Nor hollow. Evolution and gravity are real. Hitler’s brain is not somewhere in South America. And the Harry Potter books were not written by committee.

8 12 2008

I’m sure he’s fine, just as I’m sure there’s something on it that he doesn’t want us to see. A newspaper birth alert doesn’t really sway me. Anyone could have called that in from anywhere, and it’s been documented that the papers don’t verify with hospitals. Atlasshrugs.com has gone over all of this at length…
but your comment and readership is most appreciated!

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