This Country Is Not Ready For A Female President

7 12 2008


Meet President-elect, Barack Obama’s, classy chief speechwriter, 27-year-old Jon Favreau(left) as he dares to go where no man has gone before.  The lifted Facebook pictures illuminate the fact that men from all races can be sexist while not being racist, and that it will be very challenging for a Democrat woman to win the presidency.

UPDATE: Then again, maybe not.

UPDATE: Posted at Powerline;

If, for instance, President Bush’s former speechwriter Michael Gerson had been caught in flagrante cartone, he would have stepped down before the president could fire him. If not, the media, the feminist establishment and the Democratic Party leadership would have destroyed Mr. Gerson and Mr. Bush and crafted a “culture of harassment” umbrella descriptor to hang around the administration’s neck in perpetuity.

In GOP land, apologies and resignations are never enough….



3 responses

8 12 2008
David The It man

Ummm…whoops. Looked like a fun party though!

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