Suddenly “Hussein” Comes In Handy

5 12 2008

The New York Times is reporting that Obama is considering a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital during his first 100 days in office and we simply can’t wait to see which thugocracy he opts to endorse with his presence.

Most importantly though, after all these months of being told that Obama is a Christian,  has never been Muslim, and that only racists invoke his name in a Muslim context; We’re a little confused as to what anybody thinks Muslims will see in him?  Also, what makes Obama think he has the gravitas to confront the ummah on their home turf.

Surely it can’t his name or anything in his life history.  Everyone knows that’s off limits!




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4 06 2009
I Beg Your Pardon, Mr. President. « OutOfTheBlu

[…] on December 5th, OOTB linked to a NYT story that Obama would deliver a major speech from an Islamic capital. Knowing that Obama would never mention honor killings and gay stonings, or remind Muslims that […]

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