Red Pen Ban On Graded Papers Pays Off. No “F” Students Anymore!

5 12 2008


Recent bans on red pens used for grading papers and exams has led to an astonishing lack of, “failing” grades.  The kids haven’t gotten smarter though.  No, instead they’re actually getting dumber and more likely to cheat, thinking good grades are owed to them. Now, where would they get the idea of being entitled to equal successes that others attain?

Liberals who like to award trophies for all sports contestants have taken their warped views of rewarding failure and punishing success to school systems where “F’s” are being fazed out because they traumatize students.

Now that “D” grades are the lowest scores, when will they too be banned?  Also, aren’t “A” students intimidating to the rest of the class?

Chalk it up to another well-intended idea with disastrous consequences.



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