Busta Rhymes. Pillar Of Freedom Against Radical Islam?

4 12 2008

Busta Rhymes can really “Fire it up.”  He’s been “Breakin’ ya necks” for over a decade, but homey ain’t really sayin’, “Gimme some mo'” right now!  You know what I’m sayin’?

DJ’s is are getting suspended and death threats are flyin’ over Busta Rhymes’ new track, “Arab Money.” Sadly, he meant it as a compliment but you know those jihadis are sensitive little beyotches.  Truthfully we’re just happy he didn’t say anything about Jewish money.  You feel us?

So “What’s it gonna be” Busta?  You got yourself in a “Dangerous” situation, kid.  The Muslims have told you to freeze and “Put your hands where my eyes can see” or they’re going to, “Lite ya ass on fire.”

We say you can’t ignore it or submit to them.  You might as well “Touch it” and go Flipmode on they a$$.  “Woo Haa” Bussah Bust! Welcome to the team!



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