Black Racists Go After Clarence Thomas Over Obama’s Birth Certificate

4 12 2008


Funny that Clarence Thomas is the “Uncle Tom,” anti-black, racist while all the people attacking him racially, are just open-minded Obama supporters.  Click that link and go read the comments that easily contrast the devotion to each of the talented men…It’s no surprise, Obama denegrated Thomas at the Saddleback debates for being inexperienced a weak jurist.  Maybe Obama picked the wrong fight.

Here is background on the case at the Supreme Court on December 5th, 2008

Look at all this trouble Obama is causing by neglecting court orders and refusing to release any information about his qualifications.


Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA — Not Released (one version locked up in Hawaii, Original found in Kenya)

Certificate of Live Birth — Released – Proven Counterfeit ( and

Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released

Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released

Soetoro adoption records — Not released

Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Released

Punahou School records — Not released

Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit

Occidental College records — Not released

Passport (Pakistan) — Not released

Columbia College records — Not released

Columbia thesis — Not released

Harvard College records — Not released

Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, Not Signed)

Baptism certificate — None

Medical records — Not released

Illinois State Senate records — None (Locked up to prohibit public view)

Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost (All other Illinois state senators’ records are intact)

Law practice client list — Not released

University of Chicago scholarly articles — None and many conservatives think it’s all malarkey…still doesn’t explain the dearth of media coverage regarding 16 lawsuits against the President-Elect

UPDATE: Even SUPER liberal, PRAVDA, has concerns and wonders when his maternal grandmother might be taken off ice and laid to rest…

None of these lawsuits and suspicions mean as much as the fact that Obama can easily dispel all the legal actions and mistrust by simply producing a valid Birth Certificate. It matters not in the least that he has not proven his attendance at Harvard and Columbia University. It does not matter that any number of claims about his past and his experience have not been validated.  The only thing that matters is that he refuses to produce a valid Birth Certificate and instead spends thousands of dollars on attorneys and defies Federal lawsuits and State lawsuits asking him to produce one single piece of paper that most every citizen of every nation of the world has easy and rapid access to.

UPDATE: The media is starting to notice.  They’re not investigating, but they’re talking about it.

UPDATE: Malkin thinks only kooks would bite on this.




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8 12 2008
David Horowitz: Birth Certificate Challengers Radically Assaulting Constitution « OutOfTheBlue

[…] this reason alone, I really hope they pursue the issue so millions of concerned Americans can get some answers we’re satisfied […]

15 12 2008
Another Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit Tossed By SCOTUS « OutOfTheBlue

[…] Loophole Obama is going to have this follow him for his entire term(s) since he hasn’t shown any evidence of his past, and there are millions of folks who simply won’t let it go.  What was that about a […]

28 12 2008
Constructive Feedback


Instead of calling them “Black Racists” you should refer to them as “Black Ideological Bigots”. This more accurately reflects their actions and you avoid the debate “Can Black people be Racists”. Many of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists say “No” because one needs power over another group in order to be “racist”.

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