Crickets Chirp In America As Condi Plays Piano For English Queen

3 12 2008

While serving our country the past few years, Condoleeza has disappointed me greatly with her actions in the Middle-east. Nonetheless, she is an immensely talented woman who receives nothing but scorn and hatred from blacks and whites alike.  All because she’s a black republican.  Contrasting her intellectual talents to Obama’s is a fair match up but, Obama gathers a bit more adulation.  Wouldn’t you say?  An interesting article points out the attributes of learning to play the piano.  Let’s all say it together…You were right Mom!

Here’s Condi playing for the Queen.  The news was also reported by a hip hop site that claims to be, “the most visited black website in the world,” where an astounding 2 people have left a comment about the story. Actually there were 5.  3 deserved editing.  Compare the interest to another article on the site showing a new ring Obama bought for widely worshipped, Michelle, with 147 comments.




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