Obama Reconsidering? Maybe Now Isn’t The Time To “Fundamentally Change The Country.”

1 12 2008

About a year ago, the only difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was which racial quota they’d help fill in the 2008 affirmative action election.  In truth, Obama’s speech at the DNC in 2004, during the bleakest moments in Iraq, allowed his star to rise as the anti-war candidate the left longed for.  Despite their biased denials and corporate media silence, most Democrats were obviously tied to the war in Iraq, just like Bush.  But Obama was different.  He was still suing banks for subprime loans and not making a lick of difference in inner-city Chicago, when America voted to extend the War on Terror, to Iraq.  Therefore if we assume this country is actually ready to elect a woman, the main difference during the primaries between Clinton and Obama, was foreign policy, specifically Iraq.  And that makes Hillary’s appointment, as Secretary of State, quite curious in our eyes. Still, we’re a bit relieved again.  We were pretty terrified that she’d be wearing a black robe for the next twenty years at the Supreme Court.

In other equally important but more alarming news; A noted anti-Semite and foreign policy adviser to Obama, is back on his team now that no one’s looking.  Samantha Power, was one of twenty or so people in his life that were thrown off the Obamabus, allegedly for calling Hillary a “monster.”   Most notably, Power has called for US troops to invade Israel to prevent a Palestinian genocide.

Does this shifty maneuver parallel Obama’s handling of close friend and anti-Israel adviser, Robert Malley?  Malley, who was also thrown off Obama’s bus after he engaged in talks with Hamas, has been picked back up in quiet, and reportedly sent to Syria and Egypt by Obama in the hours after his election victory.

UPDATE:Katie Couric says Obama is “innoculated from criticism because of these centrist picks.” She neglected to mention Samantha Power and Robert Malley at all though.




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