Gay Penguins Seek Equality. Hatchlings.

1 12 2008


In a world where everyone’s dressed in a tuxedo, it gets hard to brag about your fashion sense and find ways to celebrate diversity.  Lifelong mating penguins or “breeders,” as they’re called by gay penguins, may seem to be indistinguishable from the rest of the pengie community, but experts suggest that, while they may look exactly alike on the outside, they’re all different on the inside.  These differences are allegedly behind a rise in crime as gay penguins are stealing their neighbors eggs and leaving expecting parents with cold rocks. Straight penguins allege gay penguins are flapping a flipper in Darwin’s eye and creating unrest in the community.  Gay penguins ignored the charges and are said to simply want the G-D given right to “equality and those adorable baby penguins.”




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