Now Suburban Kids Can Sip On Sizzurp Too

29 11 2008

“Sippin’ on sizzurp,” or drinking cough syrup mixed with alcohol, has become so popular with millions of Obama newly registered voters, that a new company has invented an “anti-energy” drink, called “Drank,” in it’s honor.

Supposedly a safe alternative to opiate filled cough syrups, the anti-Red Bull, is drawing some backlash in the hip hip community.  Marcus Lakee Edwards, who performs as Lil’ Keke and is a member of the Screwed Up Click said, “these drinks are adding more fuel to the fire, especially after the Big Moe, Pimp C thing happened. This is like a mockery for us.”

Big Moe and Pimp C recently chilled out a little too much and accidentally killed themselves while sippin on some sizzurp.




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