Actions And Words

28 11 2008

Muslims in Florida are running ads imploring Americans to, “learn about Islam.”

We think these folks, who don’t know anything about America, should travel the world teaching fellow Muslims about Islam.  I’m sick to death of Muslims telling others that they need to learn about Islam while their Muslim brothers scream verses of the Quran as they blow up innocent lives.

I know travel agencies are passe’, but we suggest a worldwide trip from NYC, to DC, to Spain, to London, to Bosnia.  To Beslan and Chechnya, to Darfur and throughout Africa.  To Israel, to Iraq, to Iran, to Afghanistan, India and Australia.  By our quick count, all of these areas, no matter their religion or ethnicity, have a common instigator of violence.  If our State Department, CIA, and FBI won’t say it.  If the UN threatens a global blasphemy law to suppress it.  Then how can it be defeated?

By learning about Islam?




One response

2 12 2008
Zionist Hindu Terrorists Shouted “Allahu Akbar” As They Killed « OutOfTheBlue

[…] Islam is the, “religion of peace” and whoever did it, therefore is not a Muslim.  You must learn more about Islam! Now, if it wasn’t a Muslim, it must be the Jews.  But why would Jews attack in India?  So […]

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