Turkey Farms, Exactly Like America

27 11 2008

Male turkeys are bigger and lazier than ever, and artificially enhanced, supersized breasts are required.  There’s a lot more there, but we just wanted to wish everybody a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Interesting stuffing about genetically modified Thanksgiving meals…

In comparison with old-school agriculture, these changes border on breathtaking. Imagine your children reaching full maturity at 10 years old.  American consumers like white meat, so turkeys are grown with larger breasts.  According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, the largest wild turkey on record is 38 pounds. John Anderson, a longtime turkey breeder at Ohio State University talked about commercial and academic turkey-breeding programs, “We get 50 pounders at 20 weeks, but that’s at the top edge of our normal distribution. We’ve got some adult male-line birds that went over 80 pounds.”

More on the side dishes at the link.



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