Christians Didn’t Wage A Terror Attack In India

26 11 2008

Does Islamo-barbarians murder scores of innocents at 5-star Indian hotel, have a better ring to it?

I know it’s harsh, and I know there’s millions of peaceful, good Muslims; but they are not the leaders of their religion and it doesn’t look like they aspire to be.  There has not been a Million Muslim March for peace, in Tehran or even Washington D.C. as far as I know.  Instead, they are spoken for by the actions and words of their radical, murderous brothers who use the Quran to substantiate violence.  Why does it seem every religion and every nation that is under attack, has a common instigator?  Think about it.

Interesting propositions to consider now that I put my thoughts out to the public on sensitive matters like these.  A new anti-blasphemy ruling at the UN which,

“provides international cover for domestic anti-blasphemy laws, and there are a number of people who are in prison today because they have been accused of committing blasphemy,” said Bennett Graham, international program director with the Becket Fund, a think tank aimed at promoting religious liberty.  “Those arrests are made legitimate by the UN body’s (effective) stamp of approval.”  Passage of the resolution is part of a 10-year action plan the 57-state Organization of Islamic Conference launched in 2005 to ensure “renaissance” of the “Muslim Ummah” or community.”

Oh well!  I will not submit. As Malkin says, Lan Astaslem

Of course, Atlas is all over it.

Great coverage here too




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30 11 2008
Actions And Words « OutOfTheBlue

[…] of violence.  If our State Department, CIA, and FBI won’t say it.  If the UN threatens a global blasphemy law to suppress it.  Then how can it be […]

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