Will Obama’s Ego Make Him Use Military Force?

19 11 2008

So Al-Zawahri calls Obama a “house negro.”

I’m pretty convinced that the islamo-barbarians will lay off the USA to see if Obama is the capitulator everyone hopes he is.  I view Olympic Games’ security in a similar way.  An attack during the games against anyone other than America and Israel, would surely unite all the world against the perps.  This isn’t part of their design.  Instead, they’ve been picking off our allies “for supporting us” one by one, for years, but they certainly know when to strike and when not to.  For this reason, I think they’ll give Obama a chance; and reward us with the illusion of peace and reinforce that Bush and the Republicans (and the Jooooos) caused the tension and wars.  Then again, if he fights terror aggressively, especially if he’s bold enough to go into Pakistan like he suggested, they’ll treat him like Bush.  But, I truly believe they’ll give him ample chance to blame ourselves, and acquiesce to many of their desires without so much as a bullet fired.

Therefore, I take a lot of pleasure in the fact that Al Zawahri called him a bad name.  Now, he might be daring Obama to disprove him to not act like a “house negro,” (whatever that means to an islamic supremecist) but either way, I really hope this get’s under Obama’s handsome skin and he fulfills all of my neocon, warmongering desires.

I’ve taken some solace in the notion that Obama will receive the same daily security briefs that Bush has been looking at, and that out of pure self preservation and ego, he’ll respond like a normal America-loving Executive and kill them whenever he finds them.  He is perhaps more cognizant of his legacy, at this stage of his term, than any other president, and he surely doesn’t want to be remembered as the man who got us hurt.  Hopefully now, it is even more obvious to Obama and his supporters that radical Islam doesn’t care if a Republican or a Democrat occupies the White House and that these throwback savages from the 7th century deserve to be slaughtered immediately…there rather than here.

UPDATE: Powerline notes that while Democrats and Al-Qaeda often have the same talking points, it’s a bit odd that they chose to call Obama a name liberals usually save for black conservatives, until they come out for Obama on Meet the Press.




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19 11 2008
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