Dumb Jews and Smart Muslims

18 11 2008

“Jews voted their religion, Liberalism.” Muslims voted for Obama at a 90% clip.  Jews slightly less at 78%.

For the best reasoning behind this seemingly inexplicable trend, check this out…One of my favorite parts:

“Notice, too, that there is often something
functionally religious in all this. Not only is the
liberal worldview grounded in faith (there’s much
in it that just doesn’t square with observable
experience), it offers its adherents many things that
people have traditionally sought from religion: it
gives meaning to life; it explains and justifies life’s
difficulties and disappointments; it promises
redemption. Surely this is a great part of its appeal.
There are skeptical liberals, but there are also a
good many dogmatic land zealous liberals (as well
as intolerant liberals). And, especially this year,
there are messianic liberals.”



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