Are These The “Useful Idiots” Lenin Spoke Of?

18 11 2008

This 10 minute video shows brainwashed liberals who know absolutely nothing about the candidates.  At least they have hope!  And I’m confident that once they reach 65% of the populace while being addicted to government entitlements, they’ll start being a bit more bipartisan and consider becoming conservatives. Thanks mainstream media, public education, and Hollywood!

UGH. Depressing.




2 responses

2 12 2008
Dirty Harry Reid Delighted Tourists Won’t Reek Of B.O. « OutOfTheBlue

[…] Tourists Won’t Reek Of B.O. 2 12 2008 The Mormon Senate Majority Leader, a Democrat for those of you who voted for Obama, is a scoundrel and an elitist.  He must have thought this was pretty funny given that, he tried […]

4 12 2008
Gallop Poll Spotlights Dem Propaganda Aimed At Blacks « OutOfTheBlue

[…] else noticing a theme emerging here, that Democrat voters, by and large, have no idea why they’re Dems except for that they know they hate Republicans?  They’re so deeply embedded in liberal […]

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