Gorgeous Face Joins UN To Pretend To Help Something

17 11 2008


Charlize Theron is now a UN Ambassador of Peace.  Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon appointed the Oscar winning actress to join George Clooney, Angelina Jolie Pitt, Michael Douglas, musicians Daniel Barenboim, Midori Goto and Yo-Yo Ma, authors Paulo Coelho and Elie Wiesel, equestrian Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein and naturalist Jane Goodall in their ego-centric, worthless, missions.  Notably, Charlize will focus on “UNite to End Violence against Women,” which was launched in February.

In typical fashion, this push to modernize misogynistic nations who are also usually violent, anti-Semitic, scapegoating, poverty stricken, oppressive regimes and chronically bad neighbors, will not include any Muslim countries who view their subjugation of women as a G-D given benefit of having a penis.  For the record, the pacifist, neo-marxist, anti American, feminist group, CodePink presumably agrees.  Maybe the FBI can also send a pretty delegate to the UN since they refuse to call Quran mandated “honor killings” anything other than murders.

No word yet on when the group will condemn America for racy Country Music lyrics that incite red staters, or Israel for just the heck of it.




4 responses

18 11 2008

badmouth whomever you wish. OTHER then Charlize. thats really messing with perfection, and i wont stand for it.

20 11 2008
Terri A


2 12 2008

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