Diddy Bottles Barack Obama. B.O. Smellin’ Dudes Now Everywhere

16 11 2008


Diddy probably didn’t know that Obama has thought of himself as a king for over 30 years, but thankfully he concurs because now we can all smell like the new Caliph Monarch. The Sean Jean Bad Boy has released a 57$ men’s fragrance called, “I am King” which is aimed at black plumbers who voted for Barack Obama and, “wanted to smell like B.O. [ed]”  In an interview Diddy said, “when you see Barack Obama, you see a strong, elegant black man and when people see my ad, it’s almost like that’s the trend.”  So there you have it.




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2 12 2008
Dirty Harry Reid Delighted Tourists Won’t Reek Of B.O. « OutOfTheBlue

[…] Dirty Harry Reid Delighted Tourists Won’t Reek Of B.O. 2 12 2008 The Mormon Senate Majority Leader, a Democrat for those of you who voted for Obama, is a scoundrel and an elitist.  He must have thought this was pretty funny given that, he tried it on his staff, who told him to keep it to himself, and yet still blurted it out.  We like it because it doesn’t make a racist allusion to Obama’s Muslim name. […]

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