Like The Child Who Covers His Own Eyes And Thinks You Can’t See Him

12 11 2008

I know some folks who consistently poopthebed about FOX.  Since none of them can name a daytime anchor or reporter, it’s obvious that O’Reilly and Hannity are really the targets of their rage.  Almost all of these folks also watch Olbermann’s Noggin every night.  It occured to me a while back that I’ve never seen Olbermann call himself a “lefty” or a “liberal” or openly admit who he was going to vote for.  To me, this is inexcusable for a media figure who partakes in such virulent and biased propaganda.  I understand now how difficult it must be for reporters to remain unbiased, but that makes their open announcements of their partisan leanings all the more necessary.  I’d always rather have them deliver the news they see fit, as long as they are clear about their point of view.  That way I can take it with a grain of salt.  For the record, Hannity clearly admits his party loyalty and O’Reilly never seems to…and he seems to be pretty conservative.

Olbermann was on the view and admitted to never voting…He thinks this makes his bias acceptable or unknowable, or something even though he bashfully submitted every time slightly less liberal, Babawa Wowtoes, called him an obsessing, mentally diseased liberal.  Him not voting is like Colonel Sanders abstaining from poultry.  And I think it makes him an even bigger idiot than I previously thought.  One for not voting while being a political animal, and two for his deranged, immature logic.




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