Did Whitey Get Overrun or Was Whitey Colorblind?

12 11 2008

Sometime last spring I started to come to grips with the looming Obama victory.  I knew we lived in a world indoctrinated by taking note of what divides us, and that the troll under the bridge had to be paid, in order to pass over.  I rationalized that an Obama victory could really unite us even if some of my ideological preferences were exiled.  Moreover, I hoped that it could repair the way blacks viewed whites, and force remaining whites to finally wake up.  A supercharged version (despite it’s violation of “judging by skin color”) of when MLK Jr said, the result of black political participation is a “society that can live with its conscience.” In turn, I prayed that his historic win wouldn’t be viewed by young minorities as a demographic victory.  Today Christopher Hitchens summed up what conservatives have been saying as liberals ranted nonstop about a racist America.  That, “the election of Obama is the effect not the cause of the changes.”

For months, my Obamanian friends tried to “reverso jinx” the obvious Democratic year by pretending to be worried that America wasn’t ready for a president with a vowel that ended his last name.  They knew the Republicans would incite entire tri-state areas of mouth-breathing segregationists with an October surprise like we’ve never seen. Something bigthey’d stoke the racial flames with stories like, how Obama is black, and he is going to replace the White House Bowling Alley with a basketball court.  Or how he’d put rims on Air Force One.  Anything to get the idiots that elected Bush to bring their aunt-sisters and uncle-brothers (common in rural areas) to the voting polls to defeat him!  And for sure, they’d get real outlandish and real nasty and invoke the 1960s by saying he was more like Malcolm than Martin.

Wow.  How convenient!  A chance for liberals to berate America with non sequiturs about its makeup while distinguishing themselves from what the world’s left hates?!  Meanwhile, positioning themselves for maximum lovability and forgiveness by all the world and especially her minorities?!  And they get to prove they’re not racists?!

So, even if this author who predicted Republican race baiting, thinks the whites who voted for “okey-dokey” Mccain/Palin are prejudiced, it’s important to get the word out.  “Obama racked up 43 percent of the white vote, equaling Bill Clinton’s performance and easily surpassing Al Gore and John Kerry.”

Now if we could ever figure out who was more inclined to vote because of race?  Of course not blacks, but whites who voted against Obama or whites who voted for him?



One response

13 11 2008

You mentioned the remaining racists both white and black, they should be considered the minority. Racism is smoke and mirrors, when will we see the real issues. Obama’s face, although brown, is just another mask on the same puppet. Let’s forget about colors and pay attention to the policy makers. They want us to fight amongst ourselves (war, racism, partisan division, bush) while they usher in the USSA. I hope one day soon we will all come to our senses.

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