This is the part that’s kept me from blogging!

7 11 2008

It’s sort of like starting a business. You know it’s going to be challenging but inevitably, snags of all types arise which slow development and create frustration.  Do I start with a bio?  Do I immediately ditch the pleasantries of proper grammar like i do when i ‘spam’ my friends and family?  Do I post disclaimers when I encounter intriguing conspiracy theories with my #1 ranked, internet ‘finger on the pulse’ abilities?  Or do I not post them at all?  How much pop culture can I mix in without making it too obvious that I watch reality TV on MTV and VH1?  Will that and my distaste for capitalized letters discredit my political insight?  Do I post brief but bountiful items like instapundit?  Or do I write less frequently with more lengthy commentaries like my fellow Minneapolis boys at Powerline?

The truth is, I’ve never been able to sustain a journal or diary, but my voracious appetite for mentally invigorating political and pop culture related items has prolonged for far too long in the limited vacuum of my social network.  It’s time to build something, even if it’s just a ‘captain’s log’ that records and streamlines my thoughts.  Ultimately, I feel my transition from a (middle-class, Minnesotan, Jewish, hip hop loving, video-game playing, UW Madison graduating, J-School degree having, George Bush HATING) liberal into a (middle-class, minnesotan, jewish, hip hop loving, video game playing, madison graduating, j-school degree having) conservative can be highly effective in exposing and undoing the mass brainwashing of my peers with whom, I used to agree.

I have a finely tuned radar that hones in on Liberal hypocrisies like few others that I’ve seen in my political journey.  I’m on an unpopular and lonely trek, forged by today’s true rebels.  I’ve been inspired by Dennis Prager, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter, Pamela Geller, Michael Savage, Victor Davis Hanson and many more.  I’d rather not be a “Republican” and I rue some of the alliances with homophobes and racists, but I see no alternative…And while I maintain a handful of my old liberal beliefs, I admittedly twist my brain into pretzels trying to explain them to more adherent conservatives.  I hope you’ll enjoy my ideas, return thoughtful critiques and the occasional praise when it’s deserved; and help me awaken others to their unflappable loyalty to a party and ideology that expedites the downfall of America with such competence, that most of our sworn enemies openly support them and echo their sentiments.

I’ve searched within myself to understand how I even got here.  When the new administration’s civilian national security force takes a look at my dossier, the aforementioned predictors will suggest I’m a liberal at a probability of 99.99%.  And though I recall certain political/historical moments where I argued points as a conservative and I was self-aware of my rightward leanings,  I’m really curious if there were times when I preached a ‘Republican’ message without being aware of it, ie. carried the conservative water, while I was still drinking liberal Kool-Aid.  I’m quite certain that this will hold true as I consistently see it in those around me.  It’s like the part in Terminator 2 when Ah-nuld is almost defeated by the T-1000 and his little, glowing red eye barely flickers, giving the impression that, there’s something in there…That little something is their logical brain which understands natural law, still functioning.  So, that is the question and the impetus as I go forward.  I look to help others and discover how I withstood massive indoctrinating forces, somehow, someway coming; OUT OF THE BLUE!




4 responses

9 11 2008
Bradley J

very nice

10 11 2008
Terri A

Awesome…. interesting insight of how you arrived….. !!!! 🙂

11 11 2008
Maria P

Wow, I am impressed…

10 01 2009

Well said – and it’s also a happy fact that it’s the same for many of us.


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